Bluetooth Headband

Provides wireless freedom to you, a fashionable outdoor product designed to remove any
inconvenience of using earphones or a headphone for
listening to music/take hands-free calls outside. it comes with built-in speaker, Bluetooth Technology,
It not only functions as a headband but also provides quality sounds
at the same time, it is the best choice for the people who love fashion and sports.
the inside Bluetooth module can be moved out so that the headband can be washed.
Available in 5 colors, red, fuchsia, light pink, white, and cream



Bluetooth Sunglasses

(1)This Bluetooth headset & sunglasses is a perfect combination of practicability and fashion.
(2)Bluetooth V4.1, support both headset and hands-free profiles.
(3)Perfect combination of durable and fashion,smart ware fashion .
(4)Polarized lenses, offers anti-glare and ultraviolet protection.
(5)Not only can answer the call, but also used to listen music.
(6)With Previous/Next Song control, Volume Up/Down control.
(7)Auto switch to phone talking mode when making and receiving calls.
(8)Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, comes with Mini USB cable.
(9)Compatible For iPhone/Nokia/HTC/Samsung/LG/Moto/PC/iPad/PSP and other Bluetooth devices.


Lens Color:

Power Balance Bands

Colorful Silicone wristband that helps balance strength and flexibility using negative ion technology. Help increase balance, flexibility and strength with these silicone wristbands.



Bottle Dockers

Finally how to carry your water,soda,juice and even beer, up to 20 ounces on your person when you are out and about. Never set your bottle of your favorite beverage down and and walk off. Walk unhindered and still maintain adequate hydration. Makes a great gift!




Matching Canberra - Match with your Bottle Docker!